Just watched this movie. I gotta say it was much better than I expected. Not in the “ooh so scary” sort of way but rather in the more funny and spooky sort of way. Loved the 80-90 cheesy horror movie vibe that still had some fresh tone to it. Just wanted to mention this in specific because it’s kinda under the radar and I figure people might try to watch it with the mindset of getting scared and then be disappointed. It’s not a scary movie, it’s a fun Halloween party movie.

Crochet carpet I made. Totally screwy but whatever.

Crochet carpet I made. Totally screwy but whatever.

More like this on mainstream media please. Man-excluding and hating feminism is exactly as bad as misogynist MRA movements. Feminism focusing on bringing women’s rights on level with men’s rights is just as imporant as MRAs focusing on bringing men’s rights on the level with those of women.

Also, stop.fucking.saying.”Well, I’ve never met one…”. Get the fuck over yourself you fucking dickwit.

Well! I never…!

I am getting reaaaally sick of hearing the people counter certain observations with “well, I’ve never seen one”. That’s great. GOOD FOR YOU! You win a god damn cookie!

If some person says “some vegetarians still eat unhealthy”, which is true, and not an unreasonable claim at all because it doesn’t claim that ALL or MOST but SOME. Some DO. Just because YOU haven’t met one doesn’t invalidate the claim. If someone told me that some Buddhists eat meat, I’d figure it’s reasonable to assume that’s true, despite never meeting one myself and having the impression that as a rule, they don’t.

Seriously, I’m gonna let out a loud bark next time I see someone say that shit.

Miesten Oikeuksien tukijat: Ei näin. / Supporters of Men’s RIghts: Not like this


This is the finnish article on domestic violence. It’s a complete mess ( at the time of writing this ) as you can see even if you don’t understand finnish. It’s very biased, contains a lot of opinon-type phrases, has extremely poor source-usage and focuses a lot on man’s role as a victim.

MRAs: If you want to be taken seriously, don’t make Wikipedia articles into your soapbox and then proceed to quote them as source material for your arguments. This is quite accurately like shooting yourself to the leg. I get and agree that men’s rights need to be defended as well, however trying to manipulate information channels like this is not the way to go about it.

My previous fort - I made a thingy


I may or may not write up more of future forts but I liked this one so much I wanted to write it down at least for myself. Maybe you find it enjoyable to check out.


For the longest time I was nearly immune to nightmares. I barely had any and if I did, I would instantly wake up if things got too scary and usually it would take me no time at all to get to the ‘oh phew it was just a dream’ phase. The Hands Resist Him is a pretty good example of the type of cheesy nightmares I had ( also yeah, the cause and subject of one - I know, I’m a sucker for ghost shit ). Scary at the time, yeah but nothing that you could’t shake off.

However, nowdays… holy crap, it’s not even the stuff I want to talk about in detail. For one thing, I get stuck in the dream despite knowing many tricks to ‘wake myself up’. Or I do wake up… except not for real. Just now there was actually an element in my dream that I wanted to be true so I actually had several false awakenings in quick succession because each time I “woke up”, I’d check if it was real for the first thing ( it was, until I checked something that made me ‘wake up’ again ). That made the following nightmarish part all the worse really.
It’s one thing to dream about being assaulted by anything between a bug and Cthulhu and then some. It’s one thing to dream about your dear ones dying in horrible ways. But when you get something that you want twisted and perverted it kinda lingers. I’ve died in dreams several times and most of the time it’s just been an interesting experience, rather than a nightmarish element. However dreaming about being dead and how it affects the world around you is something else. Dreaming about being something and how that affects the people you know is something else. It’s harder to shake it off because it kinda makes me question things. Is this how I REALLY feel? Is this what I really want?

I used to sort of like nightmares because it was like watching an intense horror movie. But now that I see what my mind is capable of throwing at me, I wouldn’t quite say that anymore.

Guess that’s the end of that fort.

Guess that’s the end of that fort.

Learning to play Dwarf Fortress (again)

Got around to playing #DF again and had to pretty much re-learn everything. Which I did, and then some. Took me about 5 forts before I was able to withstand the first siege.

On the 6th or so fortress ( which I reclaimed instead because I had done so much shit there I cba to re-dig everything again ), I didn’t die to the first, second or third goblin siege.
Instead, I am now watching the downward spiral of a fortress blocked off underneath by a Forgotten Beast. He wasn’t all that tough but my military was too weak to kill him so now he’s just raging in the basement, immobile but spewing blistering vapors. I could dig around him but I was infiltrated by some wereparrot that has infected some of my dwarves. I’ve killed a few as they turn but I think they also keep infecting everyone around them, unless they just one-shot them. While that’s happening, I am still pestered by goblins and giant bushtits. Oh and since I reclaimed the fortress, it’s haunted to hell so I have the occasional battering or downright death by fright or direct slaying by ghosts.
Need I mention the random deaths are starting to make the dwarves a bit twitchy, so I’m having Berserkers and Tantrum spirals. One tantruming farmer did go to punch the Forgotten Beast too but just got blistered all over.


Easily the best review for mooncups in general, and also best review in Amazon ever.